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Why Work for Transanglis?

We think differently

Getting experienced, qualified drivers that are reliable, flexible and hardworking is our goal. An objective that is paired with an appreciation that the safety, well-being and respect of our drivers is of equal importance. We provide better pay, better terms of business and a better environment for our drivers

Of course that doesn't mean that haulage jobs in the United Kingdom are paved with gold!


It does mean that we understand the demands and pressure of working overseas, we recognise the commitment that drivers are making and we aim to provide the best environment that we can - to encourage loyalty, reliability and commitment towards our own contractors.

We offer our drivers:

1.   UK driver training - see our training page for details

2.  Flexible contracts - whether you want 6 weeks work - 2 weeks off, 6 weeks on 1 week off, 8 weeks on 2 weeks off? We can be flexible to help you. We have families too and understand the demands of a home life.

3.  Accommodation for over night stays (In the UK we have houses, providing you with overnight accommodation, charged at cost rate to our drivers so you have a place to stay and do not have to live in your cabs).

4.  A good rate of pay, we know that drivers that are reliable, honest, qualified and experienced are worth more than those that let our profession down, we aim to recognise that through the pay you receive.

5.  Working abroad can be difficult because of language difficulties - we have a whole team that speak multiple languages. We also have an interpreter available 24 hours a day for our team of drivers.

6.  Consistent work you can rely on. We have contracts with businesses that trade in excess of £100 million a year. We seek quality drivers because we can offer you quality contracts.

7.  Reliable, high quality vehicles to drive. Our clients are world class in their business, their fleets are the envy of the industry. You will only be driving quality vehicles.

8.  No loading and unloading! The majority of our contracts is container work, operating from the United Kingdom's major ports. On arrival of your destination others will be responsible for placing your load on your vehicle.

9.  Overseas travel - we cover the expense of your travel costs to the United Kingdom and home! Plus for your time we pay half a shift whilst you travel.

10.  At Transanglis we are determined to be recognised as the premier suppliers of quality staff, recognised by drivers and contractors.